The use of selected man-made fibers and synthetic fibers, through a special spunlace process, spunlace synthetic leather substrate was launched to meet the needs of synthetic leather companies.

PVC Leather Substrate is using a range of fabrics including woven, knitted, or non-woven fabric as the substrate, combined with a PVC foam layer, then process the surface.

PU Leather Substrate means knitted, woven, or non-woven textiles are used as the substrate for PU (polyurethane) leather, which is subsequently coated with polyurethane resin.

TPU Leather Substrate doesn't use any solvent, it changes the original calendering technology, directly heating by TPU particles into a liquid coating on the cloth, is completely environmentally friendly products.

The characteristics of sponge composite fabrics, commonly used sponge composite fabrics are divided into three types: high density, medium density, and low density according to their structure.

There are many different types of car upholstery fabrics available, but there are two overwhelmingly popular types. The first is leather upholstery fabric as well as materials that are designed to look or function like leather. On the other hand, there is cloth fabric, which is usually made by tightly weaving fibers together. Some vintage and custom cars use upholstery that is much less durable than either of these types, such as suede or velvet. It is also important to consider the design of the fabric, as different patterns are often more expensive.

Modern Car Seat Fabric are made from materials like nylon and polyester, which offer a range of benefits and are surprisingly easy to maintain.

Car Headlining Fabric is a composite fabric. A Composite fabric is the combination of materials used to create a new fabric, therefore benefiting from all the characteristics of each individual material. A headliner, is bonded to the inside of the cars hood. Headliners have a non-woven or foam backing.

In addition to the above products, our company also produces Car Door Trim Fabric.

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