A bathrobe, also known as a housecoat or a dressing gown, is a loose-fitting outer garment (a robe) worn by people, often after washing the body or around a pool. A bathrobe is considered to be very informal clothing and is not worn with everyday clothes. It is a dressing gown made from toweling or other absorbent fabric and may be donned while the wearer's body is wet, serving both as a towel and a body covering when there is no immediate need to fully dress. Most bathrobes are designed as a wrapped-front garment with belt loops and a matching belt, intended to be tied around the waist to hold the garment closed.

Women's bathrobe is specially designed to be worn before and after bathing for the female. They are large and comfortable. The general texture includes cotton, coral fleece, terry, waffle, bamboo fiber, and other materials. The feel of different materials and craftsmanship, as well as the comfort level of wearing, may be worlds apart. Women's bathrobes always have a thick collar that locks in the warmth of the head and neck. In addition, each long bathrobe has two large pockets, which can hold small items such as mobile phones and keys and can be warm to your hands.

Men's Bathrobe is always designed with a hood, giving a stylish look to the robe and helping in keeping your head warm after taking a shower. And two front pockets for holding frequently used items like cell phones especially when the bathrobe is put on for long. The adjustable waist belt helps in securely closing the robe from the front so that it can be worn with convenience.

Children's Bathrobe is always made from super soft fleece that will feel amazing against your little one’s skin after bath time.100% polyester material is machine washable and easy to care for, so there’s no need to worry about cookie crumbs and spills. Lightweight material keeps the children warm without weighing them down. It can be tossed on after a shower or while watching movies and eating popcorn. Featuring a plush hood, the child can pull up over a wet head of hair instead of a towel after their evening bath. Two front pockets provide a place for tiny hands to heat up or a spot to keep their toothbrush.

A blanket is a swath of soft cloth large enough either to cover or to enfold most of the user's body and thick enough to keep the body warm by trapping radiant body heat that otherwise would be lost through convection. Blankets have been used by militaries for many centuries. Militaries are some of the biggest single consumers of woolen blankets. Military blankets tend to be coarse grey, with thick fibers of over 20 microns. Special blankets known as baby blankets are used to protect infants from the cold. Small children (and some adults) may also use a blanket as a comfort object. Blankets may be spread on the ground for a picnic or where people want to sit in a grassy or muddy area without soiling their clothing. Temporary blankets have been designed for this purpose. Many types of blanket material, such as wool, are used because they are thicker and have more substantial fabric to them, but cotton can also be used for light blankets. Wool blankets are warmer and also relatively slow to burn compared to cotton. The most common types of blankets are woven acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, cotton, fleece, and wool. Blankets also come with exotic crafting and exotic material such as crocheted afghan or a silk covering. The term blanket is often interchanged with comforter, quilt, and duvet, as they all have similar uses.

The thicker design of the adult blanket not only improves the softness of the blanket, but also reduces the possibility of lint, and there is no need to worry about the problem of pilling. Tightly stitching edges and strong seams make your warm blanket more durable than cheap sew blankets. The adult blanket has a great balance in utility and decoration. It can be used as throw blankets for couch, bed, office while watching TV, or presents of lap blankets for elderly. The warm blanket is also a great choice for mothers to use as blankets for baby boys and girls. Besides, a delicate adult blanket is a graceful decorative accent for the room.

Children's blanket of fancy and colorful design features their favorite animal cartoon. The blanket provides kids with a gentle feeling of being hugged. For the safety and comfort of children, children's blanket is always made of breathable cotton fabric, padded with fine glass beads that are non-toxic, lead-free, and antimagnetic. Children's blankets can facilitate kids' sleep with constant cuddle-like tight hugs, which will calm them down when they are excited. The blanket will make any child smile and will make watching tv, reading a book, or snuggling on the couch more comfortable.

Sleeves blanket keeps the user warm and cozy while watching TV, lounging on sofa/bed, gaming, or reading a book. It's an ideal present for family or friends for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas secret Santa gifts, Valentine's Day, holidays. The blanket is always made with soft, cozy microfiber fabric and designed to be long enough to wrap around your feet for maximum comfort. The sleeves allow for full arm mobility and the front pouch can store your mobile devices, remote controls and essentials. Wearable Blanket will not slip down, allowing both hands free to use your laptop or cellphone.

Double Blankets are always made of the highest quality polyester, and uniquely added special fibers to protect the user from static electricity. With one double blanker, the user can start enjoying a comfortable winter. After the blanket has undergone multiple processes and tests, the fixability of the pile is improved. Even after washing for a long time, the blanket can maintain the original shape, and without hair removal or pilling. The blanket overcomes the static electricity problem of polyester fiber. Now it has become as soft and smooth as baby skin, comparable to cotton fiber products. The blanket can be washed by machine at 40°C and are also suitable for drum drying (at low temperatures). Compared with cotton fiber products, double blankets can quickly restore their dry and fluffy state after washing and drying and can be used for a long time without deformation.

Pajamas are several related types of clothing worn as nightwear or while lounging or performing remote work from home. There are many variations in style such as short sleeve pajamas, pajama bottoms of varying length, and pajamas incorporating various non-traditional materials. Often, people of both sexes opt to sleep or lounge in just pajama pants, usually with a t-shirt. For this reason, pajama pants are often sold as separates.

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